About us

Our focus – integrated and process-suited process analysis systems

DAUSCH Technologies GmbH was founded in 2008 by Manfred Dausch, since then managing director of the company.
For about 25 years now Manfred has been dealing with the subject of process analysis in the beverage industry, for the past years also in the pharmaceutical industry. After finishing university Manfred iniatially worked in the field of research & development and lateron as managing director of the Unisensor Sensorsysteme GmbH for the duration of 10 years.
His business focus is on the implementation of scientific findings into robust industrial process analysis systems.

DAUSCH Technologies
DAUSCH Technologies is specialist for the development and marketing of optical process-spectroscopic measurement and control systems for modern beverage and pharmaceutical processes.
With our systems we ensure the quality of the products and optimize the efficiency of the processes in order to save time, energy and raw materials.

We love processes!