LiquiGuard Gen3

The new analytical system for innovative drinks

The beverage market has been through huge change. The soft drink market in particular was dominated by just a few sugary drinks for many years but today innovative drinks such as zero/light soft drinks, energy drinks etc., which are characterized by several ingredients, call the shots. Analysis technology needs to keep up with this change. This is because we have long since seen the limitations of conventional measurement technology for today’s innovative drinks.

LiquiGuard Gen3: Anlagenbild

Benefit 1: Continuous quality control

Innovative soft drinks today require the measurement of specific single component quality parameters such as:

Total acid Soft drinks, energy drinks
CaffeineSoft drinks, energy drinks
Base material concentrations Soft drinks, energy drinks
FingerprintSoft drinks, energy drinks
Aspartame Soft drinks, energy drinks
Acesulfame-KSoft drinks, energy drinks
Saccharin Soft drinks, energy drinks
Vitamin B2Energy drinks
Vitamin B3Energy drinks
Vitamin B6Energy drinks
Na-benzoateEnergy drinks
K-sorbateEnergy drinks
Near water flavoursNear water drinks

More measuring parameters are possible.

LiquiGuard Gen3 delivers molecular information about the composition of your drinks – every 10 seconds with just one measurement. On a 24/7 basis you get answers to the following burning questions: 

  • Is the quality of my ingredients as it should be?
  • Was the weighing and dissolving of the powdery ingredients done correctly during the solving process?
  • Are the right base material and ingredient tanks attached to my process?
  • Is my mixer dosing correctly?

Benefit 2: Return of invest by process optimization

LiquiGuard Gen3 continuously provides you with a host of previously unavailable process information. This new process information allows you to understand your processes better and therefore to optimize them and thus save time, energy and raw materials. The following process optimizations can lead to considerable savings:

  • Quick Release

Saving: Quick start, especially for light and zero drinks

  • Cleaning on Demand

Saving: Demand-driven cleaning

  • Cleaning Validation

Saving: Measurement of smallest concentrations of energy-flavours, caffeine, sweeteners etc. during final rinse

  • Automated measurement of the quality parameters

Saving: No more manual lab sample  analytics

  • Concentration measurement of base materials/key parameters and closed loop with mixer

Saving: Economical use of base materials

  • Fingerprint-measuring parameter

Saving: Higher safety with large product range, prevention of consumer complaints

  • Use of LiquiGuard as lab system

Saving: For example batch-wise monitoring of finished syrup

Some of the above mentioned saving potentials will only be implemented in the future.

Companies which already trust in LiquiGuard:

  • Deutsche SiSi-Werke (Capri-Sonne)
  • MEG
  • PepsiCo
  • Coca-Cola
  • Krones

Are you interested? We are looking forward to your project!!

Benefit 2:  Return of invest by process optimization: IMG_1238.jpg