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The new analysis system for postmix and final syrup

The beverage market has been through huge change. The soft drink market in particular was dominated by just a few sugary drinks for many years but today innovative drinks such as zero/light soft drinks, energy drinks etc., which are characterized by several ingredients, call the shots. Postmix or final syrups are a preliminary stage in the production process of these innovative drinks. The measuring of specific single component measurement parameters in this syrup preliminary stage is of crucial importance. This is because we have long since seen the limitations of conventional measurement technology for today’s postmix and final syrups.

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Benefit 1: Q

In the past it was sufficient to check the quality of postmix and final syrups with sum parameters such as density, brix and conductivity measurements but syrups today require specific single component measurement parameters such as:
■ Total acid
■ Caffeine
■ Recipe checks
■ Aspartame
■ Acesulfame
■ Saccharin
■ Stevia
■ Vitamin B2, B3, B6, B12
■ Vitamin C
■ and ...

SyrupGuard by DAUSCH Technologies delivers molecular information about the chemical composition of your postmix or final syrup with just one measurement. SyrupGuard is part of the LiquiGuard product family. Whereas LiquiGuard analyses finished drinks, SyrupGuard concentrates on the quality and optimization parameters of postmix products and final syrups. Through the analysis of every batch you receive precise and reliable answers to the following burning questions:
■ Are the correct ingredients attached to my batch mixer?
■ Does my postmix or final syrup contain all the necessary ingredients?
■ Is my batch mixer dosing correctly?
■ Is the quality of my ingredients as it should be?

Benefit 2: ROI

SyrupGuard provides you with a host of previously unavailable process information. This new process information allows you to understand your postmix and final syrup processes better so that you can optimize them and thus save
■ time
■ energy and
■ raw materials.

Process Integration

SyrupGuard is typically found in the syrup room and is coupled to the over-riding process control system. SyrupGuard works fully automatically, is equipped with a CIP cleaning system and gives the all-clear for filling of the individual batches after checking the measurement parameters.

Companies which already trust in DAUSCH Technologies:
■ Deutsche SiSi-Werke (Capri-Sonne)
■ PepsiCo
■ Coca-Cola
■ Messer Group
■ Westfalen

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